How to pay Meralco bills using GCash

If you don't have an online banking account but you still want to pay your bills online, your other option is to use a mobile e-wallet. In this article we will show you a step by step guide on how to pay your Meralco bills via GCash.

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  1. Open the GCash app in your mobile phone
  2. Select Pay Bills from the main screen

    GCash main screen
  3. On Pay Bills Biller Category screen, select Electric Utilities

    GCash bill categories selection
  4. Under the Electric Utilities list, select Meralco

    Electric Utilities selection
  5. The Meralco Pay bills screen will then be displayed

    GCash Meralco Payment screen
  6. Fill up all the necessary information needed
        - Pay For (select Total Current Amount)
        - Meralco Ref No. (also known as MRN in short, is a long number located at the bottom of your billing receipt)
        - Amount (the amount to be paid to Meralco)
        - Email (optional, if you want to receive an email for payment confirmation then enter your email address on this field)
  7. If you find it difficult to enter the MRN, you can use the barcode scanner tool of GCash, just click on the button beside the MRN field (see image below)

    GCash payment barcode scanner
  8. After entering the payment details, click the Next button to proceed
  9. After entering the payment details, click the Next button to proceed

    GCash Meralco payment screen
  10. After successful payment processing, GCash should display the Payment Received screen (similar to the one shown below)

    GCash Meralco payment received confirmation screen

And that's all about to it, you are now able to Pay your Meralco bill using GCash.

If you specify an email while entering your payment details you should received an email confirmation similar to the one below.

GCash Meralco email payment confirmation

You can also review the transaction on your GCash app by clicking on the Transaction History button on the main screen

GCash transaction history button

or by Clicking on the Inbox button as shown below

GCash Inbox button

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