Best Dalgona Recipe

Milk beverage with velvety smooth coffee foam on top can make your morning coffee incredibly amazing! So creamy, so delicious, easy to make coffee with just 3 ingredients!

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Dalgona has become the most searched type of coffee not only in the Philippines but worldwide. So, what is Dalgona and why is it a hype?

If you've scrolled through Facebook or Instagram, there is a chance that you have seen a video of someone mixing coffee, sugar, and hot water or, even some instagrammable photo of their own version of dalgona.

Like many other food trends online, Dalgona is one of the diy trends that many people have been doing to make some worthy instagram post even while being stuck in house during this quarantine season. It might not be your cup of tea but having this on your "myday" or to other social media feeds is kinda appealing to others.

It is also a way of enjoying the satisfaction of watching the ingredients to transform into something unexpected and share experience with friends or maybe challenge them to do their own version.

See the list of dalgona version that we have tried.

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