Best Restaurants in Makati for Xiao Long Bao

Siopao or siomai? maybe xiao long bao..

xialongbao_1584958330.png Photo by Joanna

Xiao Long Bao, or steamed soup buns, is lesser known in the Philippines compared to its other dimsum brother, siomai. However, it's been slowly gaining popularity with the influx of chinese and taiwanese tourists in the country, and with Filipinos being naturally fond with food and generally receptive to chinese cuisine, it's not hard to understand why the dish has become a hit even to us locals. Whether you're a regular craving for your next bowl of xiao long bao or a dimsum lover wanting to check out what the fuzz is all about, we've listed down four of the best places for you to get xiao long bao in Makati:

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