How to make Coffee Jelly

Coffee flavored gelatin with sweetened cream, everyone will surely enjoy.

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If you are a coffee person and love cold dessert, you will surely satisfy with this easy-to-make, no-bake dessert.

Sweet-tooth person will appreciate this as the cream is sweetened with condensed milk. Craving for coffee, yet want something cold and easy to make? Try this recipe and share it with someone you know who enjoy coffee as much as you do.

Not so coffee lover? Dark choco jelly might be the one for you.

Preparation time:
10 minutes

[  ] 1 sachet of Mr Gulaman jelly powder unflavored white 25g
[  ] 12 pcs of Kopiko Brown Coffee 27.5g
[  ] 1 all purpose cream 250 ml
[  ] 1 Alaska Condensed Milk 300 ml
[  ] sugar ( to taste )

[  ] In a sauce pan, put 6 cups of water, combine unflavored gelatin, kopiko brown and sugar then stir until everything is fully dissolved.
[  ] Heat combined ingredients, stir until almost boiling and then turn off the heat.
[  ] Pour contents of sauce pan into bowls and let it cool until it solidified.
[  ] When fully set, cut gelatin into cubes.
[  ] In a bowl, mix all purpose cream, condensed milk, and gelatin until fully combined then refrigerate.
[  ] Serve chilled.


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