How to make Dark Choco Jelly

Chocolety bitter sweet cubes drizzled with sweetened cream for impressive easy dessert.

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Chocolate lovers will surely enjoy this easy-to-make dessert. I personally love this as it taste like a chocolate cake!  If you are satisfied with our Coffee jelly recipe, this new twist is a must try.

Preparation time:
10 minutes

[  ] 1 sachet of Mr Gulaman jelly powder unflavored white 25g
[  ] 12 tbps of choiced cocoa powder
[  ] 1 all purpose cream 250 ml
[  ] 1 Alaska Condensed Milk 300 ml
[  ] sugar ( to taste )

[  ] In a sauce pan, put 6 cups of water, combine unflavored gelatin, cocoa powder and sugar then stir until everything is fully dissolved.
[  ] Heat combined ingredients, stir until almost boiling and then turn off the heat.
[  ] Pour contents of sauce pan into bowls and let it cool until it solidified.
[  ] When fully set, cut gelatin into cubes.
[  ] In a bowl, mix all purpose cream, condensed milk, and gelatin until fully combined then refrigerate.
[  ] Serve chilled.

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