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If you're the type who appreciates creepy, unique, bittersweet love stories, then this one is for you. The series is about a mysterious hotel that exists in the middle of ours and the afterworld, wherein spirits with unfinished business go, before moving to the afterlife.  A romance builds between a woman, Jang Man-wol(Lee Ji-eun) who is stuck running the hotel because of a curse and  a human hotel manager, Ku Chan-sung( Yeo Jin-goo). The main character Jang Man-wol's story captivates the audience right from the start as the series shows a few snippets of her past at a time, which will make you curious and wanting to find out more. For me, this is more of Man-wol's story than a love story.

The cinematography of this show is top-notch. The elements of fantasy were conveyed by great camerawork, skillful use of special effects and great skills in editing, as well as a warm and touching OST.

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