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The Xbox Game Bar is a no-fuss gaming overlay built into Windows 10. There's no additional software to install and it works with most PC games, providing access to widgets for screen capture, video recording, streaming and sharing. We found that recording videos and capturing screenshots for later uploads to your platforms are a breeze using the Xbox Game Bar, and there are features that are particularly good for multiplayer gaming, such as the Looking for Group widget, which allows you to find other players playing similar games as you do (albeit limited to those have an Xbox IGN), and the Start a Party button, which provides a voice/chat pop-up for you and your friends to communicate while playing.

What it's lacking, though, and a big one at that, is a built-in, actual live-streaming feature. The Xbox Game Bar used to have a broadcast feature that live-streams your game to Mixer, however, that was removed in October 2019. Microsoft apparently decided to focus its game bar on gaming features instead of catering to its (possibly limited number of) gaming streamers. Instead, it encourages using other third-party tools for livestreaming hand-in-hand with the Xbox Game Bar overlay for the optimal game streaming experience. To bridge this limitation, it's partnered with XSplit, a popular OBS software provider, to come up with an XSplit widget on the overlay, which opens up the XSplit OBS software to attend to your livestreaming needs.

More information about the discontinuance of the livestreaming feature of the Xbox Game Bar can be found in this Windows Central article.

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