Yeelight Lightstrip Plus Review and Comparison

Looking to RGB-upgrade your work/gaming setup? How about improving your home theater ambience by adding some backlighting to the TV? Are you considering making your home lighting controllable by the Google Assistant or Amazon's Alexa? Look no further than the Yeelight Lightstrip Plus.

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Yeelight was able to ride the wave of popularity for smart home devices brought about mainly by its rival, Philips Hue, by offering more cost-effective alternatives for smart home-enabled lighting products that are just as capable as the products of their competitor. While the Philips Hue Lightstrip Plus is priced at US$79.99 and NEEDS the Hue Smart Hub (US$59.99) for it to even work, the Yeelight Lightstrip Plus can be had at just US$22-$24 and on its own can already be set up to work with the Google Assistant and Alexa for voice commands.

Aside from the obvious affordability advantage, the Yeelight Lightstrip Plus pulls away from the competition by giving the users the option to control the lights manually - something that the Philips Hue lightstrip plus is unable to do. You can adjust the colors and brightness of the lights even though you don't have your phone or smart device with you by simply pushing and holding the button on the switch that comes with the device, until your desired your color and brightness is achieved.

The actual Yeelight lightstrip is two meters long but can be extended to up to 10 meters by purchasing lightstrip plus extensions, which costs around $8 per meter. This, again, is a lot cheaper than Philip Hue's lightstrip extensions which are priced at $24.95 per meter. The product already has double-sided tape on it so setting up is as easy as peeling the tape to expose the sticky side and positioning the strip to where you want it to be placed.

Activating its smart home features is also fairly intuitive, thanks to the user-friendliness of the Yeelight app. The app is available for free download at the Play Store for Android devices versions 4.4 or later, and takes you through the process of signing up for a Mi account to registering your device in a matter of seconds. The app has preset themes like Sunset, Sunlight, Movie Night, Date Night, etc. that you can use to control your lighting 'mood', althought you can also pick any custom color on the RGB spectrum or Yellow-White balance, depending on your needs. There is also a feature called the Flow - which allows you to pick 4 colors that the lights will sequentially change to while active. We especially like the Music Flow feature - wherein the lights sync with the music either from your device or a nearby speaker. It makes for really cool home parties, or even fun dance times with the kids.

Once the device is all set up with the Yeelight app, all you have to do is open your Google Home or Alexa app and add YeeLight to its integration services and voila! you'll be able to control your lighting by voice commands. You can use voice commands to turn the lights on or off, change the color, and even adjust the brightness of the lights.

All in all, I find the purchase of the Yeelights Lightstrip Plus to be very well worth it. The lighting truly does do wonders to the ambience of any room and now I can adjust the ambience of my room to fit my every mood.


For full review, comparison and how to setup, watch the video below :


Yeelight Lightstrip Plus Review and Comparison

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