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Yeelight Lightstrip Plus Review and Comparison

Looking to RGB-upgrade your work/gaming setup? How about improving your home theater ambience by adding some backlighting to the TV? Are you considering making your home lighting controllable by the Google Assistant or Amazon's Alexa? Look no further than the Yeelight Lightstrip Plus.

Yeelight-Lightstrip-Plus-Review-and-Comparison_1590120276.png Photo by Yeelight

Scam Alert : I know your password !!! email

I know your password email is one of the many scam email that is spreading right now. But this one is unique as it is trying to extort and threathen the victim if they will not give in to their demands, on this article we discuss some tips on how to deal with this security threat.

Scam-I-know-your-password-email_1589649628.png Photo by Emer

Which live streaming software is right for you?

Thinking about getting into livestreaming? We tried out some of the most popular OBS software so you don't have to.

live-streaming-sofwares_1587355887.png Photo by Emerald

Which Game Streaming Service Is Right For You?

Now there is no need to go to store and purchase a copy of your game, because game streaming streaming service is now here. With a few clicks of a button and you got your game and ready to enjoy.

game-streaming-service_1585979989.png Photo by Caspar Camille Rubin on Unsplash

Free PC Games to Play during the Quarantine

As we spend more time staying at home due to quarantine, we compiled a list of games that might helped you out of your boredom.

games_1585361931.png Photo by Florian Olivo on Unsplash